I am excited to start fresh with a new site and what better way than to include family photos of my OWN family!!!  It’s been quite a while since we had them taken and even though I’m not the weight I wanted to be….the kids hair might have needed trimming up…..all the excuses we ALL have….I did it ANYWAY!!!  I’m so glad I did!!  These are all traps we fall in to that keep us from freezing a moment in time to be able to look back on and remember so many things.  I encourage you to take the plunge and give us a call to set up your own family session.  It doesn’t take long…30-45 minutes and you’re done!!  You’ll be glad you did!!  I am so thankful for Cindi of Cindy Jones Photography for not only sharing a studio space with me and being a total blast to work with but also for taking our awesome family photos as well!!!  It’s more than just setting your camera on a timer…it takes vision, composition and connecting with people to make them smile and be comfortable in front of a camera!!  She does all these things!!  I’m blessed to have met her and love working together!!  Contact us if you would like to take a few minutes and meet us to update your own family’s photos!  Call us at 586-246-7598 or use our Contact Form to reach us!